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     John Wiseman

    1-   Original Watercolours, Pastels,Pen & Ink, Ink monotypes, Pencil, Marbled paper


   2-   Fine art Prints  from watercolour and  pastel                                                                                                                       

    Specialists in Fine art lithographs & Giclée prints: publishing since 1974                                                                                                                           

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A- Birds
E- Marines  (Boats. lighhthouse, fishing)      (at a glance)
J-  Stamps

 Resident Artists / Artisans

Lucie Lagueux


Félix Wiseman
stain glass


Roland Nicolas



***A few notes to keep in mind and a few words from the artist:

1- Reproducing Artwork for computer imaging can be a delicate and frustrating operation. What you see on your personal screen may be significantly different from the images calibrated for our own screen. Of course the ideal situation is for people to see the actual artwork which is not always possible. If you have doubts about an image that interests you, we can often provide better quality scans and / or send brochures that may help you in choosing a reproduction.

2- What is a Giclée Print? This is simply the adopted name in the printing domain for computer generated, inkjet prints.

3- Concerning Giclée Prints Only. As an artist, I prefer to produce my prints at the same size as the original painting. However, I can well understand the problem of size restrictions that people might face. One of the great advantages of the Giclée process is that we can custom format the dimensions since each print is a 'one-off' proof-quality production which is done entirely in my own shop. With my larger format paintings, we already offer some of these in two standard sizes. The only restrictions with regard to custom formatting a Giclée print:: I will not print larger than the original format, nor print smaller than half size with regard to Limited, Signed and Numbered Editions. The price of the print will be adjusted accordingly. For example, a full size cat # 55, "Apple Pie", is $339. The smallest version would be priced at $289.

4- Important Considerations: Early lithographic prints (circa 1995 and earlier) as well as many contemporary Giclée prints can be sensitive to UV exposure. Until recently, the use of lightfast inks in the printing industry was not a major concern. I have always strived to employ the best materials available in order to insure the highest quality and longevity possible and in this regard, major advancements have now been made possible. It is important to know that all Giclée Prints are not created equal. Early Giclée systems and many in use today use organic, dye-based pigments which are highly sensitive to UV exposure. I employ the latest generation Giclée printers. All Numbered Editions are done on archival, 100% cotton rag watercolour paper using lightfast, Ultrachrome, mineral-based pigments. This combination results with a life expectancy for a print of 150 years and proper care and professional framing can add significantly to that.

5- On framing Reproductions or Works on Paper: It is important that works on paper are framed under glass with acid free mats, backing and mounts. Always request museum quality or conservation framing. UV barrier glazing is also highly recommended, especially for prints that are known to be light sensitive. Remember to avoid hanging art work whether prints or originals, in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

6- Life expectancy of my Giclée and more Recent Lithographic Prints: produced with lightfast inks and archival papers, my Giclée and recent Lithographic prints have a minimum life expectancy of 80 to 100 years for lithos and 150 years for Giclées. Proper framing and hanging which avoids excessive UV exposure should add many more pleasurable years of life to these high quality prints. Works framed by us at La MAISONART employ the use of a UV barrier glass and this can add up to 40% to the life expectancy of a print. Because I cannot control the conditions in which people will ultimately hang their art work, I do not mean to imply that I can guarantee the life expectancy of a print. However, by following the basic, cardinal rules for framing and hanging, one can expect their Fine Art Print Collection to survive many generations.


On a final note, since the early 1970's, I have collaborated with some of the finest printers in the country, indeed in the world. It has always been my utmost concern to produce the finest quality product possible and work with the best people in the field when ever I have made prints. The public can judge for themselves when it comes to deciding what art work they like and choose to live with, but with regard to the quality of my prints, I believe them to be among the best that are available anywhere today, period. Since I am only able to produce from six to a dozen or so original paintings per year, it has been important to be able to create a high quality product at a fair and competitive price that will stand up to the original art work.....and the competition! In an era where 'limited' has lost a lot of its meaning with run-away editions in the thousands, even tens of thousands, collectors can rest assured that in purchasing a Wiseman print, they are getting a truly exclusive, limited edition; one that is now made completely in my own studio.

If you have any questions or concerns with regard to my prints or original art work, I invite you to contact us at La MAISONART where we will attend to your needs and questions in a courteous, professional and friendly manner.