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Time for another much overdue update. We have had a very busy year. Along with the gallery we were well occupied with an assortment of maintenance work on the house, studio and out-buildings. Owning a home that was built in 1843 will naturally require some attention from time to time – this year was it.

We are still working on adding new prints to our inventory and invite visitors to our web site and gallery to check out our wide selection of the giclee prints we produce here in our shop. We have been doing all our own giclee prints since 2004 and I believe we now have over 200 different images to choose from. Our fine art giclees are produced in small editions with subject matter ranging from birds, insects, and other wild life to landscapes, marine subjects, architecture, WW II aviation and others. There are also a limited number of earlier lithographs available. And of course, there is always a good selection of original paintings and drawings here at the gallery. In the spirit of the season, we will offer FREE SHIPPING and COVER TAXES on any Limited Edition Prints order made from now until the end of January, 2018. This offer is valid for Canadian residents only. Shipping rates have increased significantly so we will endeavour to provide the best rates for any foreign orders and if you are outside Canada, deduct  15% off any print during the period mentioned.

It has been quite an interesting year for birders in our region. There was a Tropical Kingbird present at the Barachois for much of the summer and a Swallow-tailed kite was photographed there by an observer from Montreal. We were fortunate to have a White-eyed vireo as a resident for a couple weeks in midsummer around our home. That was a new species for me and I think only the second record for one in the Gaspe. Several visitors were able to see and photograph this rarity so it is well documented. The local pair of Peregrine falcons was back again for the forth summer running and as much as we could establish, reared at least 2 and possibly 3 young. They apparently relocated to a new nest site this summer as their previous cliff-side location may well have been destroyed by heavy storms last winter. There were probably at least 3 or 4 pairs of Peregrines nesting in the area last summer with individuals seen regularly in or around the village of Perce, Bonaventure Island and Cap d’Espoir. While it is encouraging to see the return of this magnificent species to our region in recent years, there has been a sharp decline in its smaller cousin, the Kestrel. Only a few decades ago, this was a common and wide-spread nesting bird here. It has now been reduced to only a few breeding pairs locally and this sort of decline sadly seems to be the case throughout most of this birds extensive range.

Another new and well received addition for the gallery this year has been the knitwear made by Lucie. Her production of these hand-made creations has been quite prolific and there is presently a nice selection available here at the gallery including colourful mitt and hat combinations. Hopefully there will be time to get some of these items displayed on the web site soon. Time permitting, we should also have some of our greeting card selection available on the web site.

Just as a reminder for anyone wanting to visit the gallery during the winter months, we are open daily, but it is advisable to phone in advance to verify hours. On exhibit are some 30 original paintings and drawings along with the aforementioned knitwear by Lucie. We also have a small selection of fine bird carvings by John Moore along with displays of our private insect and mineral collections which include many fine treasures from around the world.  We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Merry Christmas and Seasons greeting to all!