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Hand knitted wares by Lucie Lagueux.

Most are knitted in pure wool or a blend with at least 75% wool.

For matching hat and mittens : $80.00 for matching tam and trigger mits :$100.00

I discover this winter a model for Traditional Trigger mittens from Newfoundland. In these mits both the thumb and the index finger are knitted.

These mits are usually knitted with fairly coarse wool, which is perfect for outside work. But I also experimented the model with finer wool and more

intricate patterns. These trigger mits are incredibly comfortable and versatile for all sorts of outdoor work and activities.

tma mits
Fall tam: $65.00
Trigger fall mittens : $55.00 sold
Brown tam : $65.00
green tam Fleur de lys Fleur de lys
Green Tam $65.00
Fleur de Lys Hat $45.00
Fleur de Lys Mits : $45.00
mit tam tam
Trigger mit with peacocks, $55.00 sold
Peacock tamt; $65.00
Blue tam 3: $65.00
hat sock socks
Caribou hat : $45.00 sold
Caribou socks; $65.00 sold
Multicoloured socks $65.00
Flowe mits : $45.00 sold
Hyppocampus mits : $45.00
Red trigger mits : $55.00
hat mit hats
Tuque dragon: $45.00
Traditional Newfoundland trigger mits : $50.00
Hat, flowers: $45.00
mits hat mit
Salmon mits: $45.00
Salmon hat : $45.00
Traditional mits: $45.00
mits hat mit
In a garden mittens: $45.00
In a garden hat: $45.00
Snow flake mits: $45.00
hats tam tam
Forest green hat, $50.00
Rose & mauve tam : $65.00 SOLD
Tam with heart: $65.00 SOLD
mittens carnival hat carnival mits
Black and white mits: $45.00 SOLD
Carnival hat: $45.00 SOLD
Carnival mits : $45.00 SOLD
mit hat mit
Blue mits: $45.00 SOLD
Blue hat: $45.00 SOLD
Flower mittens: $45.00 SOLD
Blue tam 1 : $65.00 SOLD
Blue tam 2: $65.00 SOLD
Cod mits: $45.00 SOLD
mits hat mit
Hyppocampus mits: $45.00 SOLD
Hyppocampus hat: $45.00 SOLD
Red mits: $45.00 SOLD


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