Gallery and Studio of John Wiseman

Hawker Typhoon

          This model was built from an older kit that lacked much of the sophistication found in contemporary kits. However, I found that with patience and some after-market improvements, this kit can still be built into a reasonable representation of the Typhoon. As it was one of my early attempts upon re-entering the modeling fraternity, it was a not too expensive experiment of sorts. I’ve always been fascinated by the storied history of this aircraft so I was inspired to make the effort to see it through. This was one of my first attempts at using an air brush which is a must for anyone wanting to achieve satisfying results; not to say that painting models by brush is not doable, but an airbrush is the ideal tool for replicating all manners of paint finishes – but for the faint of heart don’t expect mastering the airbrush to come without various trials and tribulations! In any event, most models will require a combination of both brush and airbrush.