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Watercolour paintings, Pastel and Pencil originals in Private collections.

John Wiseman is often asked about the number of paintings he produces each year. In an age where we so often expect things to be produced quickly, or to see instant gratification upon request, many people do not realize the amount of time that is invested to produce a realistic and highly detailed original painting. But to come back to that often asked many??? A typical work session for John lasts seven to nine months. These work sessions require a daily schedule of 7 to 10 hours or more, seven days a week for the duration of the session. And I know after having lived with John for nearly 40 years how much he hates to loose even a half day for a dentist's appointment or some other routine obligation. He truly becomes someone obsessed -- even possessed by his work, but I know he sees his endeavours as things of love. A single work session typically results with anywhere from six to a dozen paintings. Most paintings require a minimum of two full weeks, but more often two or three months to complete. In this slide show presentation, I have selected a number of John's paintings that exist in private collections that are not visible in our print section. I hope that these will be enjoyed and further broaden the visitors notion of the scope of John's work. This selection of paintings has been selected from a repertoire spanning nearly 40 years that encompasses many hundreds of original works. For anyone wishing to see available original works, you are welcome to visit our gallery and we invite your enquiries.

Lucie Lagueux, 2011