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And 48 Years since we established at Percé!


How time flies when you're busy, it's almost the holiday season! We finally received a new printer that had been back-ordered several months ago. Our old printer "passed away" at the start of the summer after having given excellent service for nearly 20 years, and just when we were starting production of 5 new limited edition giclee prints. We are slowly getting to grips with our new system; new computer, new Epson 10-color printer that offers many improvements. We have to readjust and verify every one of our reproductions to check for any colour modifications that might be necessary. Fortunately the job has been going smoothly and we are very satisfied with the results. It goes without saying that the production of the new giclées prints will be our priority for this winter.

Apart from that, life goes on; John is working up idaes for his next production, Lucie teaches and ... knits! Lucie's page. The snow begins to fall and the birds are becoming more more numerous at the feeders. All fall there were thousands of Scoters and eiders inhabiting the coastal waters between Perce and Cap d'Espoir. The fall migration for small song birds was one of the most productive we've seen in many years. It appears that many species of warblers and other insectivores had a very good nesting season, possibly due in large part to the on-going spruce budworm infestation in certain regions of eastern Quebec. There was an exceptional sighting of a Steller's sea eagle during the summer, a first for eastern Canada. That drew observers from far and wide, despite the continued threat of covid.

Have you ever thought of touring the Gaspé in winter? The Gaspe landscapes can be even more spectacular than in summer. There is a host of outdoor activities available ... birdwatching, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and for the extremes; ice climbing and surfing on the sea! And of course a visit to Maisonart. We are open year round! (It is adviseable to give us a quick phone call beforehand during winter months). For the time being, we are continuing our ''Give Away Special'' See below for details. It's an excellent opportunity to aquire a valued collection piece and at the same time perhaps provide you with a quality gift item for that someone special.

Another reason to take advantage of the present sale: as most everone will be well aware these days, inflation and rising costs are everywhere. We have not made any significant price increases in decades. At the present time, we are faced with ever increasing prices in art supplies, framing materials, printing inks, paper (when its not back-ordered!), shipping and just about everything else. For the present we are maintaining our old prices except in the case of shippping where we are forced to make some adjustments.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to all those who have visited the gallery and supported our work, particularly during these last couple years of covid. It has been wonderful to have so many return visitors call or drop in. For the holidays and New Year, we wish all the very best

Best Regards from John & Lucie!

We have five NEW LIMITED EDITION PRINTS in production at the moment, these soon to be included on the web site, so watch for these upcoming additions.  For a sneak preview follow the link. 



Our SPECIAL CONTINUES!  Buy any signed and numbered Limited Edition Print from our selection of over 200 and choose one FREE! from a selected list of 2 dozen prints. My prints are small editions and inventory is very low on some, so don’t miss this opportunity while it lasts.

The print images can be seen on the web site, or preferably, take the time to visit the gallery and see everything in person.

In the gallery there are some 30 original paintings and drawings on view as well as wonderful banded marble sculptures by the late Roland Nicolas – all works he made from LOCAL hand picked stone here in the Gaspe, and a good selection of my knittedware. John Also has well over 120 original paintings and drawings in inventory presently, so there is lots to see.        

We still exhibit portions of our insect and mineral collections in the gallery. I have had many requests for specially mounted insects and also for mineral specimens in recent years. If time permits, we will hopefully be adding some of these items for sale in the gallery. So far the days have been too short! So, never a dull moment here.

John & Lucie


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