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After various delays related to the pandemic and on-going renovations here, we are pleased to anounce that the gallery is now open for 2020, with regular hours, 9:00am to 6:00 pm daily. Following present health guide lines and recommendations, there is a hand sanitizer station installed in the gallery and visitors will be required to wear a mask. Masks are now going to be required officially in all indoor public spaces throughout Quebec later this month, but we hope all visitors here will adopt this rule as of today, July 12, especially as both Lucie and I are in one of the higher risk catagories for covid-19 -- this is not only our place of business, it is also our residence and we have taken every measure to create a safe and healthy environment for all. For the present time, we will be limiting the number of visitors in the gallery to no more than 6 adults at a time and will adjust things accordingly as the season and experience demands.

As for the exhibition this year, we have made a selection of watercolours and drawings that includes work from 1979 to the present. We have several new limited edition giclee prints available to add to well over 200 selections and this summer, we are continuing with our special -- any purchase of a limited edition print entitles the buyer to a free second choice. See details below for the ''SUMMER SPECIAL''.

Lucie has also had a productive winter and has added many new items to her hand knitted collection -- these items have been a big hit and are much appreciated by those who recognize and seek out unique and attractive hand-made articles . In the gallery there are many other attractions to see including portions of our mineral and insect collections which include local and exotic specimens. We have many wonderful onyx (banded marble), sculptures that were created by the late Roland Nicolas of Grand Riviere. We also have a small stock of Lucie's guide to the Gannets of Bonaventure Island (written by her when she was employed as the chief biologist for the park, a post she held for some 16 years), and there is the book on my art work and a wide selection of greeting cards, all made here in our shop. In addition to the gallery, we also offer full custom framing services.

We trust that your visit to the spectacular Gaspe region will be a delightful and rewarding experience and we'll look forward to seeing you during your stay.


John Wiseman, July 12, 2020


At the time of this writing (June 12/20), the village of Percé and area remains mostly shuttered, which is also the situation for our gallery – the first time the gallery has been closed since opening!  We certainly hope to be open to the public for the coming summer months but as there are presently various mixed messages about travel restrictions, border closings, etc., early July at best, seems to be a target for getting back to what ever the ‘’new normal’’ is going to be.
We are also undergoing some renovations at this time, some minor, others major. Right at the beginning of the lock-down, we lost our water. The ancient pipe connecting us to the municipal water line gave up the ghost…..yes, wonderful timing. That little project involved digging up the front yard and laying in about 200 feet of new piping. With a few feet of snow on the ground at the time, the job was not made easy and a considerable portion of old gardens, shrubs and trees were uprooted in the process. Now its time to do some serious landscaping, so never a dull moment.

We’re posting images of new drawings and paintings completed this year and are presently working on new limited edition giclée prints that will be ready this summer.New for 2020 One of my new paintings is a study of a young male Rose-breasted grosbeak that was an unfortunate window kill. I had received a photo from a client friend that was furnished to him by a neighbor who wanted to know the identity of the bird. I found the image of that dead bird particularly riveting and at once decided I’d like to use it as a reference for a painting. Permission was granted for the use of the photo, a rare occasion where my intent was guided almost entirely by a photograph. It is a sad subject, a small painting, yet one that I hope exudes an underlying beauty and depth with a power that captivates a lot of emotions. But I will leave final interpretations up to the viewer. The final irony, is that I was just getting seriously started on this painting when news of the pandemic hit.

The spring in Gaspe was a long drawn out affair and bird migration was very late getting under way. Some recent highlights include a Sandhill crane that resided around Cap d’Espoir for several days. It was a very obliging bird and we were practically able to hand-feed it, a most unusual occurrence and rarity for the region. In recent days there has been spectacular displays of many thousands of Gannets, gulls and seabirds along the coast as the Caplan have arrived to spawn on the beaches. There have also been occasional sightings of Minke whales and spouting Hump-backed wales off shore.


We’ve decided to re-activate the SPECIAL that ran last year for my limited edition prints. While stock permits, a purchase of any limited edition print entitles the buyer to choose a free print from the selected list below. All prints are hand signed and numbered. Also, for any Canadian orders, shipping is free. (free shipping is for unframed prints, shipped insured, express post)
In addition to the print collection that now includes over 200 available works, I have an inventory of well over 100 original paintings and drawings. Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional information and remember that we can also provide full custom archival framing.   We are working on “revamping” our website and including a cart so that you can purchase directly from our online gallery.  Till then if you want to make a purchase either phone us directly or send us an e-mail with your contact information, we will phone you back.

  Addendum to Summer special: Please note that final price will be based on the higher cost of the two (or more) prints.

Cat #2    Hummer

Cat #11  Weather worn

Cat # 20  Monsieur et Madame

Cat #8    Snowy egret

Cat #7    Loons at dawn

Cat #13    Loons

Cat #     Hawk owl (photo n/a)

Cat #22  Gannets

Cat #26   Canada Geese

Cat #14 Wood ducks

Cat #14  Courtship

Cat #25    Spring Beauties

Cat #5    Winter rain

Cat #16  Cedar waxwings

Cat #4      Transient

Cat #19  Bobolink and daisies

Cat #5    Sunday Morning

Cat #10    Great Blue

Cat #23  After the storm: Percé

Cat #12  Idéal

Cat #15    Obélisque

Cat #17  South side

Cat #27  Maison Lebouthiller

Cat #24    Rock of Ages

The print images can be seen on the web site, or preferably, take the time to visit the gallery and see everything in person.



Best Wishes to all!
John Wiseman




Lucie has displayed her handiwork for last couple of years and these were quite successful and well received by our visitors. Over the past winter, she was able to make substantial additions to her collection adding a fine selection of berets, mitts, tuques and hats in a variety of styles and colours, many with her own patterns and designs. To see some of Lucie’s handiwork, check the page on the web site.  Hand knit wares




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