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Greetings from La Maisonart,

Here we are already launched well into January 2017. Time for a quick and long overdue update.

John is in the studio preparing things for the up coming summer's exhibition. He is presently working on a large pencil drawing.The present work is a study of a World War II bomber called the Halifax. One of John's long time interests has been the history of aviation during the first and second World Wars. As a young boy he spent much time drawing and reading about the various aircraft types and the pilots who flew them. In recent years John decided to try his hand at representing some of these aircraft and when these were displayed in the gallery, we were quite amazed at the number of comments and stories these paintings elicited. One subject of particular interest for John was the history of the 425th Allocate Squadron that was mostly made up of French Canadians. Having done a lot of research on this subject, a story line for a painting was not so fast in coming. Then a visitor having noticed John's paintings of Lancaster bombers, recounted the story of his grand father that had been a RCAF crew member on a Halifax bomber that was shot down over Germany in 1945. From there the the idea of a new work was born. Part of the research for this drawing involved a lot of correspondence and building a scale model of the Halifax bomber that would serve as the subject for the art work. Oh, and did I mention that another of John's interests has been collecting and building scale models? Some of his modeling work will be displayed here as time permits.(Soon we hope)

We will also be exhibiting some of our mineral collection this year along with a continued display of our insect collection. And of course, there will be a show of original paintings and drawings that will include about three dozen works, along with more than 200 different Limited Edition Prints that includes birds, landscapes, traditional architecture, marine subjects and more.

This coming summer we also hope to have a new selection of bird carvings, the unique and inspired creations by John Moore. John M. & John W.'s friendship dates back to their public school days when the two became interested in birds. That shared passion for everything avian has continued to this day. When visiting our gallery you will see the results of over 50 years worth of careful observation and study of the birds of Canada.


For many years we have maintained a fixed rate for shipping. However, we were rather stunned by another recent rate increase at the post office. As a result we are forced to adjust shipping costs accordingly. Since our shipping packages vary in size and weight, we suggest you contact us with your order so that we can offer the best rate possible. Before shipping we will contact you with the specific details. (please contact us by phone, fax, email or post)


Lucie and John