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Exclusive Fine Art Prints , Signed and Numbered by John Wiseman

Giclée prints will be ready soon.. Original paintings are available when not indicated as being in private collection.-- all enquiries welcome.

To view larger size images and to order, click on desired images below.

A-Birds  B- Landscapes , Architecture, Marine

C- Other Wildlife        D- WW II Aviation Art       

New prints 2016     

Peregrine falcon

Catalogue #190      "Falco"

Giclée, edition  of 150,  (30 1/8" x 22 7/16"),  (68cm x 51cm) 

$345. (Can)


White Gyrfalcon

Catalogue #191      "White Gyrfalcon"

Giclée, edition  of 150,  (22" x 29 1/2"),  (55,2cm x 75cm) 

$345. (Can) 



Catalogue #192      "Dangeroulsy Endangered" (Gerfaut)

Giclée, edition  of 150,  (21 1/4"" x 27 5/8"),  (54cm x 70,8cm) 

$345. (Can)

Percé Landscape

Catalogue #193      "Indian Head"

Giclée, edition  of 150,  (27" x 19"),  (68.6m x 48.2cm) 

$345. (Can)   


Staghorn beetle

Catalogue #194     "Stag Party"

Giclée, edition  of 75,   (21 3/4" x 19 1/2"),  (55.3cm x 49.3cm)

$315. (Can)

Copyright by John Wiseman
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