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Exclusive Fine Art Prints , Signed and Numbered by John Wiseman

Please note, indicated prices are for unframed prints. We do offer expert custom framing services. Contact us for additional information. Original paintings are available when not indicated as being in private collection.-- all enquiries welcome.

B- Landscapes , Architecture, Marine  C- Other Wildlife 

D- WWII Aviation Art            New prints 2017

A-Birds:  1- Birds of Prey 2- Shorebirds & Herons 3-Seabirds & Ducks    

5- Egg collection

Songbirds & Others:  e) Grouse   f) Hummingbirds & Woodpeckers    g)Warblers   h) Other Songbirds 

Catalogue #68      "Le Troubadour" (Ruffed Grouse)

Giclée, edition  of 350,    (25 5/8" x 18"), (70cm x 48cm)

$345. (Can)   

Catalogue #119   "Spruce Grouse "

Giclée, edition of 200,    (26" x 19"),  (66,4cm x 48,2cm)

$345. (Can)    

Copyright by John Wiseman
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